I Think It’s Over

Our little garden has experienced a lot. We are down to simply watching the grass grow back and the weeds take hold. Our little excursion to her MamMa’s lake house has left nothing but okra and green tomatoes.WP_000799

We finally were able to let me swim this summer. While we were gone, our garden grew lots of weeds. Our garden has lots of grass in it now.

Mommy was able to pick okra when we returned but she said it would be too big to eat! I don’t know what that means.

WP_000795These okra were very big! They feel hard.







Our tomatoes are there but they stay green and then rot. We do get an occasional green pepper still.WP_000800




WP_000798I think it’s over. We don’t have enough plants to continue to keep it going.



Mommy says they will grind it all up soon to prepare for next year. I can’t wait.WP_000802


Author: Jonna Lil