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The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. ~Ann Wigmore



Square Foot Gardening Foundation is a Pioneer of the Organic Food Movement and the Fight to End World Hunger


In August, 2013, a victory was scored for Los Angeles, California, gardeners who had no place to garden. The city council voted to waive a law that prohibited gardeners and food enthusiasts from planting vegetables and fruits in public parkways. Now free, healthy food is popping up everywhere, as council members work to establish guidelines for parkway gardening. Read more


This is in keeping with a trend sweeping the country and the planet, where common sense and need are trumping long-established laws and traditions.


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SFGF: Pioneers of the Organic Movement

Square Foot Gardening Foundation is a pioneer of the “new” farm-to-table, healthy, organic, free-for-all food movement. For 40 years, we have been placing SFGs in public parks, schools, libraries, zoos, food banks, churches, homeless shelters, transitional facilities, and anywhere else we can find. Sustainable, organic gardening is the ideal way to feed the masses. Feel good that as an SFG supporter, you knew this long before it became “a trend.”


Why SFG Can Solve World Hunger

Some people question why Square Foot Gardening is the solution to world hunger. Let us count the ways:


  1. SFG conserves 80% water usage over traditional row gardening. In a world experiencing an ever-growing fresh water crisis, this is perhaps the single most important aspect of how SFG is the ideal solution to provide food for the planet and save the environment.
  2. SFG saves 80% space over traditional row gardens. This is important for all those who have limited gardening space. SFGs can be placed on rooftops, concrete patios, decks, and in an area as small as 3X3 feet!
  3. SFGs produce 5X as much produce as a traditional row garden.
  4. It’s easy! Anyone can do it – even children, disabled persons, and elderly. No weeding, no tilling, no amending the soil, and far less labor!
  5. Square Foot Gardening saves the environment. SFG uses no fertilizers or harmful chemicals that eventually runoff into rivers and oceans, producing algae blooms (red tide), killing fish and marine life. SFGF emphases all organic products and methods. Bees and pollinators feeding on SFG flowers fly away happy and fulfilled, not reeling from toxic pollen! The SFG carbon footprint is so small, you can’t even see it!
  6. A family in India, Zambia, or the Bronx, New York, may not have an acre of land for a row garden, but do they have a flat rooftop, balcony, window boxes, or four feet of yard space? If so, they can feed their family life-giving healthy vegetables from a SFG. SFG community gardens are another option.
  7. SFG saves wasted seeds, wasted space, and wasted money. In a global economy where many are suffering, this just makes good economic sense. A Haitian gardener or a poor American cannot afford to buy a lot of seeds and expensive fertilizer. But they can use what they have on hand to create SFGs and homemade compost.


Join the Square Foot Gardening revolution today – a revolution that demands a happier, more sustainable future where every person has access to life-sustaining, empowering, garden fresh, organic food! Help us get the word out to put an end to world hunger!