A Winter Walk

Gather some friends for a winter walk. Before you head out to look into the wonders of winter, set out the mugs and plan a hot drink of coffee, chocolate or tea to enjoy at the end of the walk. Bundle up in warm coats; put on  boots, mittens, warm hats and venture outdoors into your yard or go to a park to see what is happening outdoors. Take binoculars or a camera to capture encounters on your walk. You’ll surely be greeted by the songs of birds and surprised by blooms out of season.  Evergreen mosses and ferns may catch your eye or the numerous gray branches and twigs on leafless, deciduous trees. Birds feast on red berries of dogwood and holly trees. The colors of the wings of birds may help one of you to imagine flying sky flowers. Look up, breath in the cold fresh air then, exhale.  Notice the blue of the sky and the moving clouds. When you have arrived to the table and hold a hot mug, you may ask, “Why don’t we do this more often?” 

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