What do you know about Bluejays?

What do you know about Blue Jays?blue-jay
Do you like them? A lot of people hate them. Do you know why many don’t like them? I say it is because Blue Jays have a bad press agent, kind of like bats. Many folk don’t like bats and are scared of them. Even though they are great pollinators and eat huge numbers of harmful insects. But back to Blue Jays.
If we were to travel to Costa Rica or some exotic place and saw a bird as beautiful as a Blue Jay, we would be mightily impressed with its beauty. But in general, we don’t like them so we pay little attention as to how gorgeous they really are. We base our dislike on the bird being loud and its reputation of being a nest raider. At certain times of the year they are loud and have been known to raid other birds nest. But they also do a some good things as well. When a predator comes into the area, the first to sound the alarm is the Blue Jay. They will harass hawks with that loud raucous call and they keep calling until all birds in the vicinity hear the alarm. They will dive bomb any cat that gets too close during nesting season. I have seen them peck snakes until the snake decides to go elsewhere. And they are very smart birds. Blue Jays are of the Corvid family, the same as crows. They cache food in trees and also bury food, remembering where it is stored and coming back for it when supplies are low.
If you don’t like Blue Jays you are not alone. Mark Twain didn’t like them either. He said, ” a blue jay has about the same scruples as your average Congressman”.
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