Eastern Blue Birds

BluebirdDWe have written about them in this newsletter previously but they are now nesting and it is an exciting time for blue bird lovers. Last year they skipped my yard but they found us again this year for which I am thankful.

I am putting meal worms out for them and they are fighting off Carolina wrens and cardinals. So far the blue birds re winning. Mother is sitting on the nest incubating and dad is supplying the food for her. Occasionally she comes out but just for a minute or two. After she has laid all of her eggs, usually from two to five, but most likely two or three, she will start the incubation process. During this time the male will be busy bringing her food and finding enough for himself. The babies will hatch around 13 days after incubation was started and the work for dad begins. He now has to find enough food for the babies, mom and for himself, making up to a hundred trips each day. This will go on for about 14-16 days until the little birds fledge. After fledging, they will roost in a nearby tree and mom and dad will now be feeding the youngsters. Once out of the nesting box they will not go back in.

The young birds are fed for about a week then the adults start training them to find food for themselves. This last another week or two when that adults will stop feeding them entirely after a weaning period. Some of the new birds will stay around and help raise the siblings from the next nesting.
If you would like blue birds in your yard the first thing to do is put up a suitable nesting box in a proper location in your yard. Not all yards are suitable for blue birds. If you would like to know if your yard is conducive give us a call at Wild Birds Unlimited on Forest Drive, 782-5700. In addition to a nesting box, food is a great attractant. But blue birds eat little seed. They are mostly insect eaters. Offering Suet and meal worms are excellent ways to entice them to your yard.
We are always happy to answer your questions concerning feeding and taking care of backyard birds. If you have questions, please give us a call. We love to help and WE ARE THE BACKYARD BIRD FEEDING SPECIALIST. Wild Birds Unlimited, 4711 Forest Drive 803-782-5700

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