Turf Grass Damage

scottsbonussYour Turf grass may have been damaged
Scotts Fertilizer Company has removed metsulfuron, a post emergent herbicide from its line of turf grass fertilizers due to damage to turf grasses.  The following is a report from Scotts
The Scotts Company LLC (Scotts) Bonus S Question and Answer Document

What is the issue with Bonus S?

In recent weeks, some homeowners have reported turf damage to their lawns after applying Scotts ® Turf Builder® Bonus ® S Southern Weed and Feed products with the metsulfuron-methyl (MSM) active ingredient. Complaints have resulted primarily from use on centipedegrass.

What products are of concern?

The complaints relate to the use of the Bonus S containing MSM as the active ingredient, including the following Bonus S products:

Scotts Turf Builder Bonus S Southern Weed & Feed 4 (EPA Reg. No. 538-323)
Scotts Snap Pac Southern Weed & Feed 2 (EPA Reg. No. 538-325)

Before the recent launch of Bonus S products with MSM, Scotts sold Bonus S with the active ingredient, atrazine.  These complaints do not relate to atrazine-containing Bonus S products.

Are there any environmental or human health concerns?

The complaints received report a turf phytotoxicity issue.  There is no indication of human health or ecotoxicity concerns associated with the use of these products.   The complaints at issue have been limited to grass damage and primarily resulted from use on centipedegrass, although some other grass types have been reported.

What action is Scotts taking in the States?

Based on consumer calls and other available data, Scotts has decided to immediately withdraw Bonus S products containing MSM from store shelves in the following states:  Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina and certain counties in the Florida panhandle.  Scotts will replace product with our Bonus S product containing atrazine.

What is the atrazine product and is it state-registered?

As mentioned, in the areas noted above, Scotts will replace Bonus S containing MSM with Bonus S containing atrazine. We have maintained state registrations on the following Bonus S containing atrazine as these were our primary southern weed & feed products in the market until this year:

Cool Products

Scotts Turf Builder Bonus S Southern Weed & Feed 2 (EPA Reg. No. 538-18)
Scotts Snap Pac Southern Weed & Feed (EPA Reg. No. 538-315)

What is Scotts doing about damaged lawns?

Scotts is honoring its “no quibble” guarantee with regard to product refunds, and is doing everything that it considers to be appropriate and necessary to resolve consumer complaints to their satisfaction.

What are Scotts’ future plans for this product?

We are working very hard to get to the bottom of this, and are pursuing several studies – internal and external – aimed at helping answer what factors have caused the damage and identifying next steps.  We know that Bonus S products with MSM offer superior weed control for the majority of southern lawns and our goal is to provide the best consumer experience possible.

What if consumers have questions?

Consumers should call Scotts at 1-800-543-TURF (8873), which is provided on our product labels.   Consumers can also access our website at www.Scotts.com where there is an online Help Center that provides a variety of options for communicating with our representatives.


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