If You Can’t Grow Big, Grow Little

Enjoying life can mean being happy about all the little things. My 4×4 raised garden makes me just as happy as an acre did when I was younger. Eight tomato plants responded to the recent rains and are blooming and growing. Once they survive the heat of July and August, I expect them to set more blooms and produce a late crop of tomatoes until frost. I’ll keep adding Miracle Grow fertilizer and wait patiently. To accomplish another small project, I hired help to move an old iron plow abandoned by a former owner, who used it to plant strawberries. I hired a man who had a truck with a boat hitch to connect the plow and drive it into the drain field. Two other workers planted daisies around it. It is definitely a painting in progress. My next small project is to hire someone to dig out at the edge of my driveway, so the water will run off instead of accumulating on the driveway outside the garage. A little at a time, I will create a dry creek. I no longer can take on big projects and complete them in a summer of weekends, but I can grow the creek a little at a time throughout the years until it becomes the picture I have in my mind. I’m starting with a Texas sage shrub has a tag, I Love Sun.

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