Not Your Average Garden Bird


At about this time each year people from all over South Carolina and Georgia, make the journey down to the coastal bermuda fields around Allendale, SC. The attraction, Swallow-tailed kites. The swallow-tail kite is a large bird with a four foot wingspan. Seen in flight, it has a sharply forked tail. The coloring is a stark black and white and looks like no other bird. These birds migrate to the area in early spring, mate and raise young. From mid July until about the second week in August, they are seen flying low scouring the grass fields around Allendale for June bugs.

The birds are incredibly fast and agile swooping low over the grass, grasping June bugs in their talons which they then eat on the wing. Trying to photograph them is a frustrating exercise. They are so fast and change direction so rapidly getting sharp focus is almost impossible. Yet we try spending hours in the broiling hot sun searching for that one in focus shot. This year I have been lucky to see adult birds flying in to feed their young. If you get a chance go down and see these amazing birds. If you would like to go, call us and get more specific information as what time of day is best and where the better fields are located.

We are happy to answer your birding questions. Give us a call at Wild Birds Unlimited on Forest Drive. 803-782-5700

Author: Guest Author