The Birds Have QUIT Eating……in my yard.

That is a comment we are hearing daily right now. Followed by the question what is wrong? This time of year when all of the natural food is available feeder birds do slow down at the feeders. Birds will always eat the natural food FIRST. This is harvest time. Berries are now ripe on many trees, weeds of every description have released seeds, food is plentiful right now. We have been selling birdseed for nearly 25 years now and this is a yearly occurrence during early fall. So, should we stop feeding during this time? We say positively no, do not stop feeding. The birds haven’t quit eating, they have just slowed down. Just yesterday I saw 7 cardinals at one of our feeders. Carolina wrens were there also. Continue to fill the bird feeders, just be sure the seed doesn’t get wet ( hardly a chance for that) and if it does clean the feeder to prevent mold.
Winter is coming and it is a good time to start preparing for the birds. Suet is a high calorie food and is especially helpful during cold times and also when birds have to expend great energy during the spring when nest building and raising young. A water source is necessary year round. Many birds have to bathe daily.
Wild Birds Unlimited on Forest Drive is the BACKYARD BIRD FEEDING SPECIALIST. We welcome your questions. Give us a call or come by the store. Wild Birds Unlimited, 4711 Forest Drive in the shopping center across from Bonefish Grill. 803-782-5700.

Author: Guest Author