Decorating with Garden Tomato Cages

When I was teaching school, Christmas decorations began the day after Thanksgiving. There would be no time for decorating between the mad dashes of work, taking care of family and shopping and wrapping. Now that I am retired and have days to decorate, I’ve decided the day after Thanksgiving is perfect. If you’re going to do all that Christmas decorating why not have plenty of time to enjoy it.
Retirement means a fixed budget, but reimagined decorations are free. When you turn a tomato cage upside down it has the shape of a Christmas tree. Rescue the cages from the garden and check your spray paint shelf. I’ve seen them sprayed silver and giving a twinkle to a sidewalk with a simple string of lights as visitors come to the front door. Free decorations that can be sprayed include pine cones, okra pods, seed pods from a trumpet vine, ribbons and bows. Pull out the duck tape and tape three cages together. Use old ornaments, beads and battery powered light strands. Icicle lights work well.

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