Gifts For a Gardener

Chances are there are gardeners on your Christmas gift list. What to buy? The choices are numerous. If you’re in a book store just head for the garden section.

If you’re in a garden section of a local hardware store, head for the garden gloves. They’re fun to decorate with garden quotes using a fabric paint writer. My favorite quote comes from Mother Goose, “A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.” Start your quote on the left hand glove and finish it on the left hand.

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Life begins when you plant a garden is an old Chinese proverb. Another favored is One is always closer to God when entering a garden. Find your garden quote that fits your gardening friend and personalize their gift. To decorate the gloves randomly scatter stems with leaves across the gloves. Blossoms can be added with just blobs of color. Allow the gloves to dry.