How Do I Attract Birds to my Yard

In our store, Wild Birds Unlimited on Forest Drive, we are asked regularly, how do I attract birds to my yard. We are the “Back Yard Bird Feeding Specialist” and we love answering that question. Attracting birds to your yard is really very simple. There are four ingredients that will make your yard attractive to birds: A source of FOOD, WATER, SHELTER AND A PLACE TO RAISE YOUNG. Food is probably the most important. It is important to get a quality bird food as many seed blends are full of waste or filler seeds (Seeds that bird simply do not eat). Milo, canary seed, rape seed, wheat and oats are some of the large offenders. While millet is excellent for a few birds, you want a blend with a small percentage of millet, not more than 15%. Many big box stores have blends that contain as much as 80 % millet. That will only attract about 15% of the birds in your area. If you want to attract the greatest number and varieties of birds you must have quality food.


WATER: Birds have to bathe every day in order to be able to fly. A shallow source of water is necessary. So, offering water in a shallow dish is enticing to birds.


SHELTER: A place for birds to go for safety or to get out of the weather is essential. Bird feeders that are placed near trees or dense shrubs are ideal locations. However, yards without trees or shrubs can still attract birds. When we have summer storms, birds seek shelter under leaves of trees.

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A PLACE TO RAISE YOUNG: To be successful in raising young birds, you need a secure place for them to nest. Nesting boxes, trees and dense shrubs fill that need. Cavity nesting birds readily accept nesting boxes when available.

If you would like to attract birds to your yard and need advice, please contact us at Wild Birds Unlimited, 3304 Forest Drive ( BiLo Shopping Center) 803-782-5700