Birds and Spring!

Spring has Sprung and there is no denying !

We had a very mild winter and now it is mid April. Where did the time go?  However it is spring and time to think about the birds in your yard.

Do they have a food and a water source?  A place to raise young? A place to raise young can be dense shrubs, hollow branches, cavities in a tree or human made bird houses. If you use man made bird houses be sure the house meets the needs of the bird you are trying to attract. The size of the hole matters and placement of the hole also matters. The depth and width of the box is a consideration. And, no treated wood EVER !  If you have questions about bird houses we are happy to answer them. Just give us a call at Wild Birds Unlimited on Forest Drive, 803-782-5700. We do not charge for advice and there is never any obligation.

Bluebirds are nesting and if you are fortunate enough to get them you are fortunate indeed.  Getting them is not so hard if you have the right environment. Bluebirds need lots of grassy space.  They fly down to the ground for worms, crickets etc..  They do not catch prey on the wing as do swallows.  So having enough yard width is essential. You can supplement their food with meal worms both a live and dried – they love them. Here again, if you have questions about attracting Blue-birds we are happy to help.

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We hope you have a wonderful summer with a backyard full of nature’s “flying flowers” all summer long

Jim Kelly

Wild Birds Unlimited – Forest Drive Store