Penny Pinching Perfect Plans to Grow Green Thumbs

Readers ask, “How do you get a new idea each month for an article?”I really do not spend
time thinking about what to write. Because I love children, flowers, gardening and
exploring, the ideas often find me. With this 38th article I find myself in the fourth sPring
and call uponmy sPring gardenmuse. Inspirations flood my thoughts with Ps a Plenty;
Pots of clay, frilly Parsley and Packets of seeds.
The first Penny Pinching Garden Project begins by gathering up all the clay Pots that seem
to multiply like spores from mushrooms after a rain. Birds will bathe in any vessel that will
hold rain. Build a clay pot birdbath. I choose a short, circular clay Pot to serve as a base,
add two more Pots for the Pestle and top it a Pyrex Pie Plate, a Perfect bathing bowl for
chickadees, bluebirds or sPring robins.
The second Penny Pinching Garden Project happens when I spy a bundle of $0.89 Parsley
all frilly, green and Pretty in the vegetable section of the grocery store. I think, “Fresh
herbs keep best in a vase of water. Why not select a special vase and use it as the spring
table bouquet?”If you select a Pot that is transparent to light, roots can aPPear and they
can be Planted.
The third Penny Pinching Garden Project begins with the rack of Packets of seeds. I see
vibrant colors and recall my mother’s stand of hollyhocks. They are biannual and will
bloom next sPring surPrising you with a variety of colors. If you want blooms this year,
visit a garden center for one year old Plants.

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