The Creation of a Fairy Garden

Ruby Fairey Garden Pic3 Meandering path The latest rage in gardening is the creating of fairy gardens. As usual, my go to place was the library. I found the most helpful books in the children’sRuby Fairey Garden Pic library section. Although helpful, the books and pictures were not hitting the right drum rolls to get me started. Some fairy gardens were as small as a flowerpot with ladders made from twigs. Others were large with enchanting statues, minature bridges, rocks, and benches and had all the marking of a botanical garden crew to do such a large and perfect scale. After a writer’s block on this subject and a repeat of a former April article last month, it dawned on me that I have the power to determine where and what the scale of my fairy garden will be, its theme and its content. Yesterday, my landscaper and I were two stepping stones short of completing the walkway that runs from my back kitchen deck to the front door. Today, I found two packets of seeds given to me by a friend on my birthday. One was to attract butterflies and the other to attract birds. I decided that anything that had wings or enchanted my spirit belonged in my fairy garden. The where of the garden was chosen to be in backyard along side of the meandering walkway. It will not be an all at once production, but like a seed planted in a garden, it will grow into becoming. A couple of sun faded statues were relocated. The elfish figurine got a coat of aqua paint and a red lantana was planted to be the focus of his gaze. What will come next? Only my imagination knows with the next encounter of something Ruby Fairey Garden Pic2with wings.

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