Bird Watching

Do you like watching the birds in your yard? Most people do. In fact bird watching is America’s number two hobby after gardening. What makes bird watching so fascinating to so many? Is it that mankind has always had a fascination with flying? I don’t know but I do know that I can watch birds for hours and it is never boring. I am often asked which bird is my favorite. I can truly say I don’t have one. I have many. I love Eastern bluebirds, chicadees, titmouse, and many others so I can’t really pick a favorite. Do you have a favorite? If so why? I find bird behavior most interesting. I think that is why I have so many favorites. The male cardinal hates the female cardinal until near mating season when he starts courting the female. He will at that time bring her food passing it from his beak to hers. Although the female does most of the nest building, the male will also chip in. During this time he will frequently bring her food and chase other males out of his territory. Cardinal lay 2- 5 eggs, but normally three. The incubation time is 12-13 days and the young stay in the nest about 9-10 days before fledging. After leaving the nest the young birds generally stay close to the nest where both male and female feed them …. for a while.
You can tell the male from female cardinals because of coloring. You can tell juveniles from adults by their black beaks and looking like the females. Adult cardinals have reddish orange beaks.
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