Bird Watching

bird watchingDo you watch birds? Do you enjoy watching them? If so why? Or do we even know. Birds have a fascination for us that we really don’t understand. I know I can stand at the window and watch birds at the feeder for hours. Mankind has had a fascination with birds for hundreds of years. There are a few folks that don’t like birds and actually have a fear of them. But the joy of bird watching is second only to gardening as a hobby. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year on the hobby of “birding”. Birding is a description of all of the activities of bird watching, feeding, observing, identifying etc..

Bird watching can be as expensive as you like. The finest binoculars cost several

thousands. But it can be quite inexpensive. And it is a great way to introduce kids to all  the  wonders of  nature and science.  Many kids love learning to identify birds and their behaviors.

Cool Products

What do you need to participate in this wonderful hobby? Just a few essentials. Quality bird seed is the most important. For a feeder you can sprinkle seed on the ground, in an old garbage can lid etc.. But seed that has no filler will attract more birds than most of what you buy at big box stores or from the grocer.

At Wild Birds Unlimited we have been helping folks in the Columbia area enjoy bird feeding with quality products for 24 + years.  We are happy to help you get into the hobby or answer any questions you might have. We are located on Forest Drive in the strip center across from Bone Fish Grill. Our telephone is 803-782- 5700.