Beat the Summer Heat!

When I was very young growing up in the rural area on Enoree Route 2, I recall hot summer mornings when the ice truck arrived with a block of ice for the ice box. A strong delivery man threw back the black tarp, lifted the crystal clear ice block from the back of the truck with black iron ice thongs and placed it in the ice box. You had to chip off smaller pieces with an ice pick to put in a glass of lemonade or tea. Thank goodness this is no longer necessary. Holding a glass to the lever on your refrigerator for ice cubes to fill a glass is a luxury we all enjoy today. If you would like a cool refreshing decoration for your table and perhaps awaken a memory of yesteryear, make an ice sculpture.
Save a half gallon milk carton, wash thoroughly and open the top. Fill with water up to the fold at the top. Pour this amount of water into a pot and bring to a boil. Turn off and remove from the burner and allow to cool. Select a fresh or artificial rose, 3 daisies or a stem of wild Queen Anne. Fill the milk carton with the cooled water. Place the flower(s) you selected into the water allowing the stem(s) to stick out the top. Staple the top shut securing the flower(s). Place in your freezer for 48 hours. Just about 15 minutes before lunch or dinner is to be served set it out on the counter. Undo the carton and place it in a large glass bowl. You may raise the ice sculpture by setting it on a cake plate stand. Enjoy your cool table decoration, and when saying grace give thanks for progress and cherished memories.

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