Create a Spill Pot

All on their own, flowers have a way of spilling over pots, arbors, a brick wall, or climbing a fence post like morning glories or trees like the wild red trumpet vine that hummingbirds love. So…why not purposely create a spill pot for your yard? This fall turn a large pot over on its side, partially fill with a good bag of soil mix and prepare a large uneven area outside the pot as though milk has spilled freely from it. I chose to buy a flat of yellow and purple pansies, as they will last through the fall and winter. Violas would be a good choice, too. Pick bright colors that will provide a splashing scene for you to view from your house.

If your soil is poor like mine, just use good bags of soil that have additives to help transplants bloom. When transplanting it helps promote root growth to prepare a spray bottle or mix Epson salt into the watering can (one tablespoon of Epson salt per gallon of water). Ten days later spray or water again with this mix as it provides a magnesium boost. Use on tomatoes, peppers and roses to produce more fruit or blooms. Use your imagination as to the kind of pot to use. Old milk cans that leak, broken pots or a pot man, a painted barrel, a turned on its side wheel barrow or even a hollow log are items that can be used. I think singing as you plant even if it’s only a joyful noise will help joy to spill over into your soul and you’re sure to beam from all the compliments. Give your yard a spill pot of flowers.

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