Not a Feeder Bird

I generally write about birds we have in our backyards.  After all we at Wild Birds Unlimited on Forest Drive are “THE BACK YARD BIRD FEEDING SPECIALIST”. But in this article I want to do something a bit different .

In early December I made a trip to Bosque’ del Apache, a National Wildlife Federation Refuge in New Mexico to photograph Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese. The Cranes stand about five feet high, weigh 10-12 pounds and gather at Bosque’ in late fall by the tens of thousands. They roost in ponds on the site and photographers by the car loads gather to  photograph the birds as they leave at  sunrise to  feed in the corn fields that are planted for the cranes and the Snow Geese. The Snow Geese also come by the tens of thousands each year. To watch anywhere from fifteen thousand to as many as twenty five thousand large birds launch at sunrise is such an experience that people come from foreign countries to witness the event. Photographers tolerate very cold temps and crowded  conditions  in  order to photograph the birds but the sights and sounds make it all worthwhile. Bosque’ del Apache sits at about five thousand feet elevation and is in the desert so it can get brutally cold.


Bird watching is so much fun. Whether it is the birds that come to our feeders or birds that never do, they are all interesting. Watching their behavior and habits are activities I never tire of. If you have small children, teaching them about birds is a wonderful way to introduce them to science. If you would like to start teaching your child and don’t know here to start give us a call at Wild Birds Unlimited on Forest Drive. We are happy to help.

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