June Horticultural Tasks – June 2017

June Horticultural Tasks – June 2017 »


Say “Hello” to the heat!  By now your warm season annuals should be planted and even blooming in many cases.  Night temperatures Read more…

May Horticultural Tasks – 2017

May Horticultural Tasks – 2017 »


By Mother’s Day, the soil is now warm enough to plant Caladiums and Elephant Ears. Planting of warm season annuals should be Read more…

April Horticultural Tasks – 2017

April Horticultural Tasks – 2017 »


Keep transplants watered and mulched to help them get rooted in before summer’s heat and humidity arrives.  Liquid fertilizers can be applied Read more…

March Horticultural Tasks – 2017

March Horticultural Tasks – 2017 »


The average last frost date is Columbia is March 26th, which means spring is just around the corner.  The blowing winds can Read more…

Our Tribute – Mr. Cooper’s Gardening Center

Our Tribute – Mr. Cooper’s Gardening Center »

In case you haven’t heard, local garden center founder Ralph Cooper, Jr. passed away on February 5th following a brave fight of pulmonary Read more…

February Horticultural Tasks – 2017

February Horticultural Tasks – 2017 »


To quote the cowardly lion, “Strange weather we’re having.”  The wet, warm weather in December had many plants confused.  Begonias, Elephant ears, Read more…

January Horticultural Tasks – 2017

January Horticultural Tasks – 2017 »


While you may think January is a crazy time to be thinking about warm season annuals, this isn’t really so crazy if Read more…

December Horticultural Tasks – 2016

December Horticultural Tasks – 2016 »


Continue to water cool season annuals.  Garden centers are stocked with poinsettias this time of year.  Be sure to protect them from Read more…

November Horticultural Tasks – 2016

November Horticultural Tasks – 2016 »


Finish up the task of planting annuals not completed in October.  Keep a close watch on them to be sure that they Read more…

October Horticultural Tasks – 2016

October Horticultural Tasks – 2016 »


October brings cooler temperatures by the end of the month, but early October can be tricky for us with warm temperatures.  This Read more…