Taming in Shandon
This is the front yard of a property in the Shandon area that was rented to college students. The owner wanted to upgrade the grounds because the neighbors were complaining. Others had been asked to give estimates to do the work, but no one was interested. We accepted because we love to take on these kinds of challenges. We get a lot of satisfaction from taking properties from a “jungle” look to beautiful again.



This is one view of the backyard of the same rental property. It looked like a sea of green. The ivy was completely out of control, and it had begun to make the backyard look dark. Border grass had filled in where a lawn had once been. We removed the ivy from the trees and removed dead trees. Then we used the weed eater to cut the border grass back, allowing for greater contrast between the ground and the ivy beds.


Another view of the backyard shows the extent to which ivy and weeds had taken over. The owner had even forgotten that a patio was underneath the jungle. Now those college students actually have a backyard they can use.

As they came out of the back door, this is what the college students saw. We removed unattractive trees, removed weeds and ivy, removed yard debris, and cleaned off the fence lines. Now that we’ve exposed the potential, the owner is planning to do other things to make his grounds more beautiful.

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Taming in Camden
This Camden home was purchased by a lady who moved back to South Carolina from Maryland. She brought her 7 horses with her, and they are boarded in a stable adjacent to her grounds. At the suggestion of another client, she decided to hire me to improve her grounds. She and her husband didn’t have the time to do so because they were involved with hiring contractors to bring their home and the stable area up to par. We trimmed the ivy growing on the bricks, trimmed the bushes, re-established the brick line around her beds and weeded the beds.

Trimmed bushes, a straightened brick border, and a fresh application of pine straw gave this home a lot more beauty.

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