Great Talks

At Jungle Taming, we believe in developing local relationships, so we developed Great   Talks, a free landscape speaking service. We have spoken at meetings of garden clubs, churches, homeowners associations and more. Our topics range from gardening to landscaping to outdoor hardscape construction. We can even tailor a presentation specific to your group’s interests.

Most talks include a 15 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute question andmanswer session. Popular topics include:

Restoring Beauty to Your Yard: Bill Kunze discusses the artistic principles of  landscape beauty. Form, content and light are essential considerations when creating a masterpiece in the yard.

What’s Wrong With My Grass? This popular program is 30 minutes of dedicated question and answer time. Homeowners describe specific trouble areas, and landscape specialist Ron Cowart suggests likely culprits and cures.

Your New Old Yard:  Restoring a Mature Landscape:  The Team addresses the challenges of maintaining a mature landscape.  They also detail the steps and procedures to follow to personalize the yard to your taste and needs.

Controlling English Ivy:  Bill Kunze gives a step-by-step overview of how to eradicate this invasive vine.  Reclaim your yard today!

Finding a Quality Contractor: The antidote to those who rely solely on the Yellow Pages. Bill Kunze offers information that eliminates most of the “bad apples” in the contractor world.

Outdoor Kitchen Design: Ron Cowart discusses homeowner expectations,  outdoor kitchen placement, amenities and material preferences.

Patio Construction: Ron Cowart explores the pros and cons of   different material choices and discusses how to choose the best location for the homeowner’s intended usage of the structure. Cost and time considerations are also discussed.

Solving Local Problems with Local People: Bill Kunze leads a frank discussion of why the discounts offered at local big box hardware stores may cost more in the long run, and names quality local businesses.

Cool Products

Home Vegetable Gardening: Ron Cowart discusses the joys and benefits of raising vegetables for the kitchen table. Important considerations include site selection, soil testing, nutrient additives, vegetable choices and yield.

Drainage Problems: Ron Cowart discusses how to install a French drain that re-directs water away from problem areas in the yard and away from the foundation.

All speaking engagements are arranged through the speaking coordinator, Bill Kunze: (803) 463-2655 or

About the Speakers

Bill Kunze, owner of Jungle Taming, has a certificate in Landscape Management from Midlands Tech and over 10 years of hands-on experience. Instead of the “rip it out and start over” approach typical of many landscapers, Kunze works with existing landscapes to uncover and restore a yard’s
hidden beauty.

For more information, contact Bill Kunze at (803) 463-2655 or Also visit

Ron Cowart of Ron Cowart Landscaping Consulting has been a professional landscaper for over 35 years. The philosophy of his current consulting business is “Arm the Homeowner with Knowledge!”

Contact Ron Cowart at (803) 513–4242 or Also visit

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